• Training in moving vehicles

    Training in moving vehicles

  • Facility security habour

    Facility security habour

  • Airplane anti-terror
  • Tactical Shooting

    Tactical Shooting

  • Airport armed
  • Security Badge
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Best and realistic training for Bodyguards, Security & Army/Police experience and hard training brings you the best result. Check out our many options and contact us for seminars and training.

Cooperation Partners

Master Guard

Israeli and international school for Bodyguards, Security and Training of police and military. Brings top professional instructors with huge experience.


S.P.T.S. “ELITE” Security and Protection Training School.

Our Israely partner for realistic training. The Training manly takes place at the Israel National Training Center.

Olympic Shooting Range

Israel National Olympic Shooting Center.

We only train with the best instructors with massive experience.

We use the safest terrain and most creative training area.

Krav Maga Survival

Close combat solutions adapted to european and north-american laws due to the use of “proportional use of force”.Used by many military units in europe. Krav Maga Survival is amongst others working with russian and german military forces.

Latest News

T.D.I. & European Guard Intro Trailer

T.D.I. & European Guard Intro Trailer

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ISRAEL Bodyguard Intro Course 2019

ISRAEL Bodyguard Intro Course 2019

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ISRAEL Bodyguard Intro Course 2018

ISRAEL Bodyguard Intro Course 2018

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