European guard offer a number of Courses for Government clients.


Main clientgroups are Military, Police – please send inquiry directly to

  • Bodyguard
  • Anti-Terror and SWAT team training.
  • Riot Control units
  • International courses for commanders, High Ranks and instructors.
  • Sensibilisation for hostile environments.
We have number of other courses and seminars for specific needs and situations – please confer for more and detailed information.


European Guard is specialized training of BODYGUARDS we have a long history in training and active extensive field experience on this area. Target group is Military and Police Forces.

The training is aimed at personnel with working area in diffent geografical areas. From the european standards to the intensive high puls work in the middle East or African countries.

We help you to gather the right tools for guarding personal within Businessmen/-woman, VIP, Royals.

Training as single solution or as teams with growing challenges.

  1. VIP Protection Course

Includes: Close Quarter Combat training, Weapons and Shooting Training, „How to spot a suspect“, Advanced Tactical Training (incl. Scenario training), Team Work training, Operational Driving, Operational Communication and access Control Handling.

  • Drescode, speaking and behaviour in close protectioin work.

Depending on the extension of your training it might further include:

Cooperation with other security forces, Emergincy Drills, Intro to Urban and Rural Survival, High Tech Security technologies, Explosives and Bomb Scanning, Survival Devices and counter measures, intro to undercover security work

Other courses:

  1. VIP protection for political ministers – C.P.O. teams
  2. VIP gurads for political ministers property and houses.
  3. VIP security special teams, Hostile Environment Operations.
  4. VIP Commanders and Team leaders.